OrionStar Launches Humanoid Robotic Coffee Master

2021-05-12 03:08:33

Combining dual 6-axis robotic arms and 3,000 hours of AI learning, this robot barista 
simulates master-level brewing techniques and guarantees a refined taste in every cup.

Beijing — September 25, 2020 —OrionStar, the robotics company invested in by Cheetah Mobile, today announced the Robotic Coffee Master, a humanoid robot barista that simulates master-level brewing techniques and guarantees a refined taste in every cup. 

Incorporating 3,000 hours of AI learning, 30,000 hours of robotic arm testing and machine vision training, the Robotic Coffee Master can perform complex brewing techniques, such as curves and spirals, with millimeter-level stability and accuracy (reset error ≤ 0.1mm).  


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The key technical and design features include:

  • RGB depth camera provides real-time monitoring of the robotic arms as well as beverage status.
  • Always-on light indicator displays the robot's working status.
  • Self-adjusting mechanical clamp with grasping claw easily moves objects.
  • Safety features, including an emergency shut-off, anti-collision detection and electronic safety borders, prevent operational hazard. 
  • Modular design equipped with OrionStar Arm OS enables customization, personalization and quick deployment. 

Designed for the Contactless Era

In light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Robotic Coffee Master prioritizes customers' health by offering a coffee buying experience with zero human contact as it completes all steps autonomously, including grabbing the cup and the pot, grinding beans, transferring the grind, pouring and serving. This clean, contactless transaction fits into new social norms, as well as provides the flexibility to adapt with the ever-evolving food and beverage industry. 

"The Robotic Coffee Master can churn out a fresh brew of pour-over coffee every 3 minutes and can work at full capacity 24/7," said OrionStar Vice President Liang Su. "It is a perfect contactless solution for high-traffic areas such as airports and business districts."

When Tradition Meets AI

At the global launch event in Beijing, OrionStar collaborated with Tong Ren Tang, the 351-year-old traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy, to offer fusion coffee drinks that combine classic taste and health benefits, as well as breathe new life to traditional culture. 

"Our AI-driven Robotic Coffee Master can free human baristas and nutritionists from repetitive labor. While ensuring quality consistency with every drink, it allows the baristas and nutritionists to focus on educating the customers on health and well-being, and creating new drinks," said OrionStar Vice President Ting Li. "It can revitalize the time-honored brand through intelligent transformation." 

The Robotic Coffee Master will join OrionStar's service robot family to offer a comprehensive set of smart retail solutions, from attracting customers, receiving guests, answering questions, taking orders to delivering products. OrionStar has plans to create more humanoid service robots for intelligent applications in business and life. 

The Robotic Coffee Master is available in two models, suitable for different scenarios such as boutique café, VIP lounge, luxury hotel, smart business campus and exhibition hall. 

About Cheetah Mobile and OrionStar

Cheetah Mobile (NYSE: CMCM) is a global tech company dedicated to internet and AI innovation. Founded in 2010, Cheetah Mobile is among the first Chinese tech companies to enter the overseas markets and has acquired a global user base for its utility products and mobile games. 

In 2016, the company launched an "All in AI" initiative and established OrionStar, a robotics company to create AI-enabled service robots for businesses and consumers. Integrating AI, software, hardware and application solutions, Cheetah Mobile provides a new breed of highly customizable and scalable robots.

As of July 2020, Cheetah Mobile has deployed more than 11,000 AI-driven service robots, which have served over 200 million people and completed more than 6 million voice interactions daily. Cheetah Mobile's robots have been adopted by more than 1,800 organizations and used in over 20 scenarios, including epidemic prevention and control, smart retail and smart public transportation.