Security Master Review: A Complete Security Suite For Android

2019-12-03 12:33:04

There’s a reason Google keeps issuing security patches to Android OS like every month. There are flaws that keep getting patched but unfortunately, these patches don’t make it to every Android device. To be safe, it’s best to put the security of your device into your own hands even if you get these patches every month.

Introducing Security Master

The Play Store has a plethora of apps that claim to protect your phone, but quite a number of them do a lot more harm than good. While some slow down your device, you still have some that don’t even work at all. One of these security apps stand out, and it’s Security Master.

Formerly known as CM Security Master and now named Security Master, the app has been completely revamped and totally upgraded with several new features.

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Why you need to take Android security seriously

Unless you don’t mind having your information stolen, securing your Android device should not be handled with levity. Without the necessary precautions taken, your device can become compromised. For instance, connecting to a public WiFi makes your device vulnerable to WiFi sniffing. This puts you at the risk of someone stealing your passwords and other sensitive data.

If you don’t have an antivirus software on your device, a malware attack could render your device useless and a ransomware could subject you to extortion. These are just some of the threats Security Master protects you from.

Free SafeConnect VPN

The latest version of Security Master now ships with a free VPN (virtual private network) to change your IP address and hide your identity online. For the free version, you may be limited to just one free VPN location and there’s a limit to the number of data you can transfer over the Virtual Private Network, but this limit is removed with a subscription to the service.

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Real-time antivirus protection

Security Master protects your device from virus attack once you enable real-time protection. Whether you’re downloading files from the internet or receiving them from friends through apps like Xender, Security Master scans your files before they harm your device.

With a constantly updated virus database,  threats are effectively detected and eliminated.

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Clean junk files

Junk files do not only take up valuable space on your mobile device, they do more damage by slowing down your smartphone. Security Master intelligently fishes out these useless files and deletes them, claiming back your valuable storage.

Performance booster

Security Master has a function that generally boosts performance by closing background apps and freeing more random access memory (RAM). There’s also Game Mode that optimizes your phone to let your games run faster.

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Privacy protection with App Lock & message security

For those who know your password or lock pattern, Security Master lets you block them from viewing your WhatsApp or Facebook messages. With a lock pattern or password set, this is required before the protected apps can be accessed.

You can even show a fake app crash to disguise the application lock.

Secure internet surfing

Security Master comes with a browser that protects your data. Upon exit, all history and cookies are destroyed. Apart from this, it also comes with a web protection feature that blocks phishing websites and web pages that contain malicious codes.

Battery saver

Some apps are notorious battery drainers. Security Master takes care of this and lets you hibernate apps contributing to excessive battery drainage.

Other notable features

Apart from those mentioned above, this app has more features like Notification Cleaner, WiFi Security, CPU Cooler, Caller ID and Blocking, Advanced Screen Lock, Game Boost and more. Options available through the settings lets you customize how the app works.

From here, you can select which feature to enable or disable.

Final words

Security Master is one app that performs the function of ten. Once installed, you don’t need a separate app for VPN, a separate app for real-time antivirus protection or another app for boosting performance. This all-in-one security suite is a must-have for every Android phone.

It’s totally free to download from the Play Store and you can enjoy all the features without paying a dime. However, to remove ads, get unlimited VPN daily usage or features like scheduled boost, the little subscription fee is worth the money.

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